first responder 50 day resilient challenge

Welcome to the Resilient 50

You are in!  Please check your email for additional information and confirmation that you are registered.  To get started, scroll down and thoroughly read through the information.

To emphasize, the Resilient 50 is not a fitness or weight loss challenge; it is a far more personal and transformative journey - the specific purpose being to equip you with the mental and emotional resilience needed to manage high-stakes situations and the daily stressors of such an essential job.  Take advantage of all of the resources as I firmly believe they can make a lasting improvement in your health and career.


Take a moment to “look in the mirror” and around you!  I believe this program can help you make positive changes to your health and fitness.   YOU MUST Decide to make the necessary changes and sacrifices to complete the 50 days.  This sounds like an easy and minor step, but it is the most important!  Decide that you will follow through with each habit, every day!  Kick your excuses to the side and …succeed!

And share the challenge with family, friends, and your crew.  You do not have to be a first responder to join #Resilient50.  The more support you get, the more likely you are to succeed.  Put some “juice” in the challenge.   Make some “wagers” with your crew.  Have members of your department donate money for entry and use the funds for prizes or a charity donation.  Find a creative way to get more people involved.  Please share the sign-up page:
I highly recommend listening to the FRF Podcast and/or the Better Every Shift Podcast on the Resilient 50.  These videos and podcasts will give you more insight into why it was created and how it came to be.  I also disclose ways to dominate the challenge and stay motivated through your 50-day transformation.

Step 2: Fill Out the Success Manual and R50 Assessment.

Click the link to read through the Challenge Success Manual.   This PDF will guide you through the initial phases of the R50 Challenge.  The manual includes a worksheet to help you select and write down your 7 Challenge Habits and choose a start date.    And, the manual includes daily log sheets along with fitness and nutrition guidance.  Click the link to read and download the PDF manual.

These PDFs are also available in the FREE FRF R50 App.  I highly suggest you download and create a log-in.  The app also includes a complete R50 Workout Program, nutrition guide, motivation, and recipes.  You can get access by clicking here or the graphic below.

After you select your habits, fill out the R50 Assessment and self-evaluation questionnaire.  This PDF is available below and in the FRF app (click here).  In the app, there is a tab with the questionnaire and the FRF Bodyweight assessment.  Do not skip this part, it only takes a few minutes, and it can help you keep your motivation through the next 50 days. Write out your habits and include some other reasons you want to get more resilient and fit. I also highly recommend taking some "before" pictures and measurements, keeping them on your phone, and referring to them periodically for motivation, or if you have the app they are stored in your dashboard.


The Assessment Manual includes a commitment contract that you should sign as a promise to complete the 50 days.

Step 3: Pre-Plan for Success.

Planning for challenges is an essential step towards a healthier lifestyle. By expecting hurdles and devising contingency plans, you can navigate seamlessly through any difficulties, ensuring your health maintenance plans are not disrupted. This includes planning healthy meals to avoid impulsive unhealthy food choices, scheduling regular exercise to counteract stressful periods, ensuring adequate sleep, and making time for mindfulness activities. Preparation creates a structured path, promoting consistency and helping you build resilience against any health setbacks. Ultimately, consciously planning for challenges makes your journey toward health more sustainable, manageable, and successful.



Step 4: Complete your 50 days! No Excuses!

Invite other members of your family and crew to join you in the R50 Challenge.  You do not need to be a first responder to participate, you just have to want to improve your health and resilience.  Please spread the R50 Challenge Sign-up page with anyone who will help keep you motivated (The Resilient 50).

I also want you to connect with me and other members participating in the R50 challenge.  There is a discussion board in the GET FRF App which is another great reason to use these FREE resources.  We also have a private group on Facebook where members connect, and I post often.   You can also email me anytime with questions.

Step 5: Send in your "Official" Completion Form and Share Your Journey.

After you complete your 50 days,  make sure you fill out the final assessment (entry form). I want to send you that coin!

Click the link below to download the final assessment form.  Fill that out and send it to me and I will send your coin.


YOU GOT THIS! Dig into the resources and let me know how I can help. I look forward to hearing about your journey and results.



Aaron Zamzow (ZAM)