The FRF Fat Loss Workout Bundle

Are your pants and uniform fitting a little tighter these days?  Time to lose the fat and get FRF!  The Fat Loss bundle includes three workout programs that will help you burn calories, lose some weight and improve mobility and function.




This bundle includes access to:

-FRF Fat Loss Program

-The FRF Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete (Phase 1)

-NEW FRF Hero-X Program

-Bonus access to the GET FRF in 40-days (at home) program.

This is over 8 months of workouts.  Imagine where you can be in that 8-months- 30-40 pounds lighter, noticeably leaner and stronger and more mobile.  Time to get that uniform fitting, time to get moving better on (and off) the fire/ rescue scene, time to GET FRF!

Bundle includes access to each program, including the FRF /Trainheroic Tracking app, eating guides and resources and coaching.


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