FRF Coin and Challenge Entry


 This Black Nickel Coin shows your commitment to improving your fitness, career, and life in 2023!

Purchase the coin and automatically get entered in the FRF Better Every Shift Challenge.

Step #1- Purchase to coin and/or any FRF Workout Program

Step #2- Follow your workout program for 4-weeks.

Step #3- Email your 4-week update to FRF (email or contact form)

Step #4- Check your mail for the FRF Coin

Step #5- Finish your workout program

Step #6- Email your “final” results 

Program Details

Looking for some motivation!  Join other members of the FRF Nation that are “challenging” themselves to improve their health, fitness, knowledge, and attitude in 2023.

Enter the Challenge and you can get the Coin and win cash and prizes for making fitness and life progress.

You do not have to follow an FRF program to enter the FRF Better Every Shift Challenge.  Purchase the coin and automatically be entered.

*Note if you are a member of the FRF Nation and following a program, make sure to check your email for your 50% discount code.*

You do, however, have to earn the coin.

In order to get the coin you must start an FRF Workout Program (or your own) and email your progress at the 4-week mark of the program.

Emails should be sent to describing progress (or lack of it), challenges, and ways FRF can help you.   Progress emails should be 500 words or less, include a picture and you could be featured on FRF.  After you send the email, the coin will be mailed to you!

Win Cash and Prizes

Enter your program “final” results by emailing your progress at the completion of your program.

  • Emails should include progress made, pictures (optional but preferred), and how the Challenge has made you a better person and first responder.
  • Must complete your program by April 15th and send in results by April 22nd.

Anyone that submits results will be eligible for Challenge Prizes. The top 3 stories will get additional rewards. One additional story will be awarded the “most inspirational.”

1st- $100
3rd- $50
Most Inspirational $75

-Additional prizes include FRF Swag, TRX equipment, coaching from ZAM, Gerber tools, Wedges from Side Charlie tools, Fire Service Leadership books, and Amazon gift cards.