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TAHPI 28-day Cover Template

Start Here- MFD 28-day Workout Program

Ready to start moving, feeling and looking better on and off the fireground?


TAHPI and the MFD Tactical Fitness Team have created a 28-day workout that will get you working out like a fire rescue athlete.  This program can help you get back in shape, lose weight and feel better.  Click the link below to get started.  The program includes exercises, workouts, form instruction and access to an app to help you follow along with the program.

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Foam Rolling for Firefighters guide

Muscles sore and tight from a previous shift or workout?  Have you tried foam rolling?  The compressed foam pieces floating around all the stations might just be the fitness tool you need to start feeling and moving better.  Click the link below to learn how to use the foam roller.  It will help you feel and move better!

Summary of Foam Rolling Positions
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MFD Guide to Healthy Eating

Eating in the firehouse or any house can be a challenge.  This guide simplifies nutrition and gives easy to follow and applicable steps to help you "clean up" your diet and lean up. This manual includes:

-Five easy to follow guidelines to get you lean and “fit for duty.”
-Nutrition Hacks that will help you prepare and plan healthy meals
-Healthy Snack Options to insure you stay on track
-The 90-10 Eating Plan.  Teaches you how to plan your "cheat meals" and stay on-track with your nutrition.
-Example meal plan

MFD tactical fitness team News and fitness tips

Improve Your Mobility, Improve your Performance...

A tradition of the fire service is to check your gear and apparatus to make sure that it’s functioning properly. You also exercise all of the equipment that’s on the engine and truck to make sure that it, too, is functioning. This might include starting and warming up saws, engaging the pump and turning on various EMS equipment.

Do you do the same for your body and your muscles?  Here is a great full-body warm up routine you can do before a shift and/or workout to help you improve every aspect of your fitness.  Click here to Discover this Great Warm-up Routine 

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Improve Your Health, Boost Your Immune System.

As we are called to respond to the CoronaVirsus outbreak we as first responders must remember that our own health and fitness is crucial.  This is the time we need to focus on building a strong immune system and healthy body.  We cannot take care of our citizens if we do not take care of ourselves.  Here is a great article about the things we MUST do as firefighters, EMTs and medics to boost immunity and stay healthy.  Click here to Discover the Best Ways to Boost Immunity.  

Boost Immunity with These Foods

We know as first responders that every day is game day.  This is especially true during this time when the Coronavirus is upon us.  Right now, more than ever we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves so we can better service our communities.

First responders must remember that the immune system is the body’s defense against infection and illness. When it’s weak, you have a harder time staying healthy.  That’s why it’s important to take steps to improve immunity.  Good nutrition is essential to a strong immune system, which offers protection from seasonal viruses and the flu and other health problems including arthritis, allergies, and cancers.  Feeding your body and crew certain foods may help keep your immune systems strong.  Now is not the time to be eating the sweets and drinking energy drinks.  Click here for the Best Foods to Eat to Boost Immunity.



Why do Firefighters Have Heart Attacks?

Heart attack and strokes are more likely to kill firefighters than an actual fire. A recent research article just confirmed one of the major reasons why. The research confirms that the physical demands of firefighting may trigger the formation of blood clots and impair blood vessel function -- two factors associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. (You can read more about that research by clicking here.) 

Improve YOUR Sleep.

Firefighters often don't get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to real problems, including safety concerns.  For anyone who has worked in the fire service, this is hardly news. One of the most difficult adjustments for new firefighters can be the shift work: the 10/14 split, the 24- or 48-hour workday. As firefighters age, sleep disorders can lead to serious health problems for them. Click here to read about the "7 Ways to improve your crew's sleep and safety

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Why Firefighters Need YOGA

The truth of the matter is yoga can be as mellow or as arduous as you make it, just like any physical practice. The beauty of yoga is that it goes beyond just the physical. For firefighter’s yoga can be a really great way to relieve stress and center the body and mind. This is especially important considering the high stress of the job. Yoga, if you allow it to be so, could be one of the best ways to combat PTSD.


Click here to discover 5 Reasons Why Every Firefighter Should do Yoga.  (Click here for the article.) 

Goblet Squat for more Fireground Strength

 We all know that stairs and climbing are major fire rescue movements performed on the fire ground so… improve your leg strength and you could improve your performance on the fire ground. One exercise is very good at doing just that…. the goblet squat. The goblet squat is a multi-joint lower body exercise that fires up (no pun intended) the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.   Unlike the traditional back squat, the goblet squat is executed by keeping the body in an upright position, which results in less strain on the lower lumbar and spine and places an increased demand on your upper back and core. Goblet squats also help improve mobility in the hip, thus helping you out with other fire rescue movement patterns.  Click here for a great tutorial on the Goblet Squat

goblet squat
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