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Workouts that Incorporate Fireground Movements and Boost Metabolism…

I believe that interval training is very applicable to what we do on the fire ground. What are intervals? In their simplest form, they’re short bursts of high intensity exercise separated by periods of lower intensity effort.   One of the unique components of all FRF workouts are, what I call, afterburners and/or interval overhauls. They are interval options performed at the end of the strength workouts.

These interval overhaul or “afterburner” options are a combination of the fireground movement exercises that challenges your total body, allows you to work on firefighter skills, and can simulate the work intensity of the fire ground.  And… they can really “jack-up” your metabolism too! You can do them in gear, in the firehouse, or in the gym, or even do them at home.

You also don’t need a lot of equipment, the only required piece is a good interval timer (which you can get for free as an app on your phone or tablet). You can change the times based on the exercises you choose and your level of fitness. These intervals can more realistically simulate the exhaustion’s felt on the fire ground and rescue scene.

Today, I finished workout #3 of the Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Program and created/ performed this 10 minute overhaul.

….three hours later I’m still sweating.  

These intervals should be performed to the best of your ability, feel free to substitute in other 20131021_154027exercises that you feel more comfortable with (and let me know your creative ideas) or that mimic movements on the fireground (stairs, sledges, drags, crawls, pulls, etc). These overhauls help burn more fat and calories and as mentioned above are a great way to incorporate firefighter movements into your workout.  Give this a one a try!

After you compete the strength portion of your workout:
1.  Stepmill (or run stairs) for 2 minutes at 90 steps/min or more or equipment carry
2.  Rest 30 seconds
3.  Sledges on tire for 2 minutes (switch sides at 1 min))
4.  Rest 30 seconds
5.  Stepmill (or run stairs) for 2 minutes at 90 steps/min or higher
6.  Rest 30 seconds
7.  Crawl for 2 minutes (mimic a search scenario)

Total of 10 minutes and 250-500 calories burned..

Again, you can change the exercises and times.  If you are new to these Interval Overhauls you may want to make them 30 seconds of work to 30 seconds of rest.  

Let me know if you like the idea and how you incorporated them into your own workouts.
Please comment and share.

Stay Safe and Be FRF (Fire Rescue Fit),
Aaron Zamzow

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